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Humor IS the foundation of my work

Humorist; Actor; Job Coach; Defensive Driving Coach; Storyteller; Writer; Friend....these are some of the roles I have played.  For years, I have entertained; inspired; and informed audiences of all ages.  With years of study in various art forms, I giftedly brings joy and appreciation to crowds.

I have appeared on stage in plays; t.v. & films.  I have also had many years experience as a stand-up comedian and teacher.  Between storytelling and comedy events, I currently work with California's Employment Development Department, helping people receive Unemployment Insurance.  I am also a regular teacher of driver safety with The Improv Comedy Traffic School in Northern California.

Because people spend so much of their time working, their attitude towards their job greatly impacts the rest of their life.  I share my knowledge of the workforce to help direct people to manifest success in their work life.  Using a gentle, yet solid approach, I guide individuals to achieve much needed refuge in today's workplace.  I also coach people who are either new to the workforce, or need assistance finding different ways of exploring employment opportunities. 

Another passion of mine is advocating safe driving.  Using my skills as a facilitator and a public speaker, I share my knowledge of traffic laws and defensive driving techniques with groups ranging from school children to businessmen and women.  Not only do I provide a knowledgeable and entertaining traffic violator school experience, but I am a consultant to all who wish to enjoy the privilege of safe driving.

Please read my resume on the All about Malcolm page.  This is a list of my theatrical pursuits.  Next, I provide a brief description of my public speaking services.  Also, note, I am able to tailor my presentations to your business, school, or social group.        

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